Driver Beware! Choose Auto Service Centers Wisely

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With so many car dealerships and independent auto repair shops to choose from in areas like Gorham, Littleton, Lancaster, Bethel, and all of ME, VT and NH, it may be difficult to decide where to have routine maintenance and repairs done on your vehicle. Some people will say that you should always have service and repairs done where you bought your car, while others insist that independent auto repair shops charge less and are quicker to get you in and out. Obviously, if you need Ford service in New Hampshire or a surrounding area, we’d be happy if you chose Berlin City Ford Lincoln, but we understand if getting your car serviced closer to home or by someone you know personally is more appealing.
If you do chose to have auto repair work done by an independent repair shop, there are some things you want to look out for to protect yourself from being overcharged (by having unnecessary work done on your car) or not having the work guaranteed. If you drive away and something goes wrong with your car, will the repair shop stand by its work and fix the issue correctly at no charge to you? How is the shop’s work guaranteed?
Do Your Homework
Consumer Reports is a great source of information for all types of products and services consumers need and use every day. In addition to Consumer Reports, there are a number of other companies and websites that provide useful information and reviews of businesses. reviews cars, publishes reviews of all types of businesses, and the Better Business Bureau helps people find businesses and brands that can be trusted; you’ll often see businesses advertise a BBB rating they’ve received, so you know that business has met or exceeded the standards of the highly reputable BBB.
When it comes to auto repair shops, Consumer Reports notes some common scams that take advantage of unsuspecting drivers; we think alerting you of these tactics will help you make an informed decision about where to have your car serviced or repaired if you haven’t already found a place you trust.
Beware of These Tactics
One common tactic is to tell people that due to the number of miles on their vehicle, problems are bound to happen any time now, so the repair shop will recommend costly jobs that may not really be necessary. Just because your car has over 100,000 miles on the odometer doesn’t mean parts are going to break. Out of fear of breaking down or being involved in accident due to faulty parts, an unwitting driver may agree to have unnecessary and costly jobs performed.
A second tactic is suggesting a transmission flush (or similar costly service). Many people who don’t know a lot about cars or don’t follow the recommended maintenance schedule in their owner’s manual may not know what this is and may not realize it’s unnecessary. By using complicated automotive language, some less-than-reputable auto shops will confuse drivers and convince them that they need big jobs like this done even when the don’t.
Another very common tactic is telling drivers their brakes are bad, which instantly causes most people to panic. Often “bad brakes” may just need brake pads or a cleaning or turning of the brake rotors, which are much less expensive jobs than replacing the brakes entirely. If a mechanic insists you need brake pads, rotors, calipers (basically, a whole new braking system), please get a second opinion soon. If, in fact, you do have bad brakes, you don’t want to keep driving what may be a dangerous vehicle.
A truly shady auto repair shop will even fake a leak by spraying coolant on a certain part of the engine to make you think your radiator is leaking. Along these lines, another moneymaker for repair shops is to show drivers a filthy air or oil filter (that did not even come from their car) and insist it’s dangerous to not replace it immediately.
If you live in or around Gorham, Littleton, Lancaster, Conway, Bethel, ME, VT or NH, please do some research before choosing where to have your service and repairs done. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Berlin City Ford Lincoln’s service center. We not only perform Lincoln and Ford service in New Hampshire; we have factory-trained technicians who are able to fix all makes and models. We encourage you to come by our Gorham location, give us a call or fill out a service appointment form right here on our website. We’ll contact you and get you scheduled as soon as possible.
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