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If you have been looking for information on the 2016 Ford Focus, coming soon to Berlin City Ford in New Hampshire, you may have discovered that there’s not a whole lot available online about Ford’s latest Focus model. But we have some information that we think you’ll find helpful if contemplating adding the new Focus to your family. If you live in or around Berlin, Littleton, Lancaster, Conway or Bethel, you’re in luck because the 2016 Ford Focus will be arriving at our car lot in New Hampshire very soon.
Be one of the first to test drive this latest edition of one of the country’s most popular vehicles; simply check back to the Berlin City Ford NH website often, and we’ll let you know when the new Focus has arrived. If you live in Berlin, Littleton, Lancaster, Conway, Bethel or a surrounding area, you’re not a far drive at all from test-driving this little beauty very soon!
What’s New in the 2016 Ford Focus?
If you own a Focus or are familiar with the car, you know it has a lot of great features both inside out, outside and under the hood. But the newest edition has even more, and one of the most exciting changes in the latest Focus is under the hood. The 2016 Focus features an entirely new AWD (all-wheel drive) system intended for high-output applications. It’s not the same system found in the Ford Fusion, the Ford Escape or the Lincoln MKZ. The new system found only in the 2016 Ford Focus employs torque vectoring front and rear to aid in handling.
The 2016 Ford Focus RS will have Ford’s new 2.3-liter Ecoboost 4-cylinder engine, and the only transmission available in the new Focus is a six-speed manual transmission. Adjustable dampers will be standard in the 2016 Ford Focus RS, and according to, “…on optional track-appropriate tires the RS is claimed to be capable of delivering more than 1.0 g of  lateral acceleration.”
According to, “The first two generations of Focus RS were front-drive, with the most powerful RS500 sending 345 horsepower through just two tortured tires.” The new Focus was designed to be 4WD from go using a “clever new system that we can anticipate seeing in other Fords soon.” The new system features twin electronically controlled clutches on the rear axle, one for each side, and up to 70% of the available torque can go to the rear, all of which can then be sent to either wheel for torque vectoring. Under-steer is greatly reduced in this new system and Ford promises this new system will be in other models soon.
If you live in or around Berlin, Littleton, Lancaster, Conway, or Bethel, please check back to the Berlin City Ford NH website often to see when the 2016 Ford Focus has arrived. We know you’ll want to be one of the first to test drive this little gem as soon as it arrives on our lot so stay tuned to Berlin City Ford!
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